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    I’m Kyoshi Mike Colahan, and for the last 5+ years, I’ve been sharing my love of karate with a great group of karateka (students) at Perceptive Software.

    I’ve been a martial arts student for over 20 years, and teaching for many of those. Even now, I continue to learn and to advance my skills in order to make my students the best they can be.

    I believe Martial Arts is for everyone. It’s not about doing the same as everyone else - it's about doing what you can. Working within your own limits. Setting your own goals. All it requires is a willingness to work hard and to learn. You bring that attitude -- I’ll show you the rest!

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USKK Clinic!

We had a great weekend of instruction and camaraderie at this weekend’s USKK Clinic. Funniest picture I got was of these two – Kyoshi Colahan popping off Renshi Jimmy G’s head “like a tick!” Advertisements

Knowing vs. Understanding

“There is a great difference between knowing and understanding: you can know a lot about something and not really understand it.”

Hard Work, Determination, and – Finally – a Black Belt!

This is Sensei Helen with Kyoshi Colahan after our recent Black Belt Test. Look at that smile!  Helen and I started at the same time, and we recently tested together at our Annual USKK Black Belt Test. But we tested for different levels; Sensei Helen for her Shodan and Sensei Phil and I for Nidan … Continue reading

Junior Black Belt Promotions!

During the 18 years I’ve been with Hanshi Kennedy, he has only promoted six or seven students to Junior Black Belt. For a student to achieve junior black belt in our organization he/she must be twelve years old and meet all the requirements for black belt, so many of these students who start at age … Continue reading

Situational Awareness

There is a horrible new game teenagers are playing called ‘Knockout’. Basically, these teenagers try to knockout unsuspecting people with one punch. Several people have been killed. I know we all have busy lives and we are focused on where we have to be, when we have to be there and what we have to do, but … Continue reading

Promotion to Rokudan & Kyoshi!

Colahan Martial Arts’ karateka are proud to announce the promotion of our instructor, Mike Colahan. At Friday’s 2013 USKK Black Belt Test, he received the following: ~ Rokudan Rank (6th Degree Black Belt) ~ Kyoshi title We look forward to continuing our training with Kyoshi Colahan!

Kenpo and Weapons Promotions

Banzai to all who received promotions last week! We had 6 students advance in Kenpo and 5 students advance in Weapons. It was a long, intense test. I’m proud of everyone’s hard work and focus. You all did a great job. Congratulations!!

Set your priorities. The rest is just sand.

I came across this story, yet I’ve heard variations of it before. It is a good reminder to us all as we set our goals for 2013. Enjoy. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him. When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and … Continue reading

Blocking…with my face!

“You’re gonna eat a punch!” That Sensei — he’s one smart ninja! And he’s right – I have eaten a punch or two. I have a terrible habit of stepping into a punch. Maybe I’m just excited to get to the block. Maybe I think my attacker needs help. I don’t know why I do … Continue reading

Honor Those Before You

If you study with a man, be loyal to him! If he invests in you and teaches you skills that raise you up, show respect for him – speak well of him, think well of him, stand by him and stand by the institution he represents. Honor the man who has taught you. Do not … Continue reading