Brown and Black Belt Class

This past saturday I attended my first advanced class at the hombu. I really enjoyed the class because it was 90 minutes long and we got to learn a lot more in detail.  We did self defense set 8 (elbows)–which I had never done since we have only worked up to set 6–and it was really fun. We also worked on fighting combinations with defense and reverse punching with accuracy and power  which is always a good time. We did a few other things but I’m not sure what they were called, I think Hanshi was making them up on the fly but they involved attacking your Uke with three techniques with him defending, then your Uke attacking you with you defending. (Note to the men: This drill is why you wear a cup.) I also had the pleasure I leading the class through warm-ups , an honor I was totally unprepared for and which I probably embarrassed Sensei. So don’t drop the ball like I did when you decide to come my fellow brownies! Peterbilt out.

One Response to “Brown and Black Belt Class”
  1. kickassprincess says:

    Really sorry I missed out! Let me know the next time you’re going to Saturday classes. Hopefully I can join you.

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