Midori Yamma Budokai Clinic

Sensei atop Pike

Join Sensei on top of Pike’s Peak, this August 12-15, as part of our annual karate trip to Colorado for the Midori Yamma Budokai (MYB) clinics in beautiful Colorado Springs. Each year I make the trek to Colorado with a group of karate students, not only because the scenery is beautiful, but opportunity to hang out with a great group of people with common interest – KARATE and FUN. I know there will be a handful of people from the hombu (home dojo) attending – and some you already know, but I’d like to get as many of you to join me as well. We will leave on a Thursday morning and spend thursday/friday sight-seeing, then clinics over the weekend and drive back on Sunday. More details on travel/dates to come. Information on the clinic can be found here: http://familykaratecenter.com/ColoradoMYB2010/

Photos from last year: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/album.php?id=1134303658&aid=29950&s=0&hash=68638b0c9cd651822a6922634e60acf6

Are you ready?

3 Responses to “Midori Yamma Budokai Clinic”
  1. Who else is going? I am! Be there slackers!

  2. kickassprincess says:

    I’m going too!!

  3. Sensei says:

    right now there are 5 of us going, plus Hanshi Kennedy. I’ve made hotel room reservations for Thursday-Sunday, August 12-15. If you did not let me know you want to go but are interested, there’s still time, but hurry!

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