One shouldn’t run unless being chased

On Saturday, I was walking to my car when the sky opened up and rain proceeded to drench me from head to toe.  Normally, I would have started to run to the car to avoid getting soaked, but my recent knee surgery reminded me that running wasn’t an option.  Sitting in the car trying to dry off with paper napkins, I started to think about what a challenge running has been in my life.  Even when I was young, I was never the fastest or most efficient runner despite my long legs.  When I injured my knee several years ago (not in Karate Club!), I knew that running was out of the question for my workout routine and I often joked that “one shouldn’t run unless being chased” anyway.  My most recent surgery removed my ACL so now, more than ever, I will never be able to really run, even if being chased.

That’s why I am sticking with martial arts (much to my physical therapist’s dismay).  Running away isn’t an option because I will never be faster than my attacker… Well, unless his or her knees are worse than mine.  I have to be able to protect myself and buy some time to get away at my own pace.  Practicing the techniques that we learn in class each week will train my muscles to remember what to do, even if I am frightened.

I will probably never be “the best”, but I can always work to be “my best” through training and discipline.  Once I am released from physical therapy, I look forward to getting back into class with people that I have come to admire and respect.  I know that they will support and challenge me to keep going even if its hard.

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

One Response to “One shouldn’t run unless being chased”
  1. kickassprincess says:

    Great post, Amanda! Martial arts training truly is beneficial for everyone because it requires us to work to our own potential, not someone else’s. I appreciate Sensei Colahan’s workouts because I am encouraged and stretched to do what I can, but I’m not expected to match someone else’s skills and abilities if it’s beyond my reach.

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