Colorado trip – recap

I can honestly say that I had never laughed harder or more times (that’s what she said) over one weekend than I did on this trip.

It all started with Red Bull and lack of sleep which pretty much sums up breakfast throughout the weekend – with Red Bull shooters shortly after. The drive to Colorado Springs was fun in itself, with jokes, raw humor and randomness provided by Paul and Matt. thursday night – shortly after arriving in Colorado – I taught at one of the Colorado black belts club, whil Matt and Paul participated and Michele took pics and watched from the sidelines. Then off to dinner.

Friday we went sight-seeing at the Royal Gorge Bridge and everyone got over their fear of heights. Why are there so many prisons in Colorado – a mystery we tried to solve. Friday night was an open mat workout at the host dojo where we all worked up a good sweat. Then out to dinner for what Colorado folk call Bar-B-Que (they have no idea what this is). then we snuck into the hot tub for a bit. Of course the only bubbles in the hot tub was if we provided them, but at least the water was warm – right Paul?

Saturday was filled with clinics from Hanshi’s Ron rogers, Ken Baker, Bill Marron and Dan Kennedy. I can honestly say I was full and had much to take home and work on, plus my feet were tired. We were able to get out and see the Garden of the Gods – always a cool place to check out. Then to dinner and drinks.

Sunday morning we grabbed some breakfast, lots of caffein and Michele stuck her head in a ducks butt. Then we headed out of town – tired and loaded with caffein. did I mention caffein? Being loaded on Red Bull, coffee and the lack of sleep seems to make everything funny, especially when traveling with Captain Random. Matt had the knack for saying the most random comment and just the right time and have everyone in tears. There were two times on the trip that I had to stop the van until I stopped laughing so hard and could see the road through the water in my eyes.

This year was great and I can’t wait until next year, or even our next trip. You all are so much fun to be around and to travel with is just a bonus. Thanks to all.

One Response to “Colorado trip – recap”
  1. Matt Jones says:

    I have no idea what Mike is talking about, these people are crazy, I thought I slipped into some alternate universe and wasn’t sure I was going to make it out alive!!!


    Great time guys, I had so much fun, it went too fast it really did. Going back to work was such drudgery, but alas that is why we can look forward to future trips!!

    (for the first part before CA-CAW…you had to be there to understand sorry!)

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