As part of the United States Kenpo Kobujitsu (USKK) organization, our opportunities to learn are not limited to twice a week in the dojo. Step off the dodgeball court and explore your options. Expose yourself to some or all of these opportunities — you won’t be sorry!
Ever wonder where Sensei gets those bad jokes? Take a class or two from Hanshi Kennedy, and wonder no more! 

Not only are we fortunate to have Sensei Mike Colahan, a 5th degree black belt, as our regular instructor, we also have access to Hanshi Dan Kennedy. Hanshi is a 9th degree black belt, and the head of our system (USKK). By attending Hanshi’s class at the hombu, you’ll learn from one of the best in the business! Get to know Hanshi. He’ll be administering your black belt test.

The hombu is our home dojo. Sensei Mike teaches at the hombu Wednesday evenings,as well as jujitsu most Saturday mornings. You are welcome there any time. Going to the hombu provides you with more time on the mat to hone your skills and learnt. Go try a class or two. Or, if you’re not comfortable working out there yet, go watch a few classes. The atmosphere is much like our class atmosphere – relaxed, yet intense. See Sensei Colahan if you’re interested.

 One of my favorite things about going to the hombu is watching and working out with students who are more advanced than I am. Especially in the beginning, it was good for me to see where I was going. Even when I wasn’t participating in class, but was just watching, I discovered I was still learning.

Get more workout time in and make some new friends! The students are very welcoming, and after a couple of sessions, you’ll feel right at home. There are usually several students around your skill level in class. These are the students you will test with for Black Belt.

Becoming familiar with the venue, the students, and the instructors will make you more comfortable when you have to test at the hombu and when you take your black belt test.

Clinics & Tournaments
There are several clinics offered throughout the year, hosted by various organizations. There are clinics in the KC area, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Florida. Clinics give you access to instruction by our most advanced black belts — 9th and 10th degree black belts. They LOVE to teach, and love students who want to learn – no matter the skill level. All skill levels are welcome at most events, but if you have any question about whether an event is right for you, ask Sensei.

We are not a tournament-focused school, but we have the opportunity to participate in occasional tournaments. This is the place to showcase your skills, compete with others in your rank, meet new people, and watch some pretty cool black belt weapons, kata and sparring!

Attending clinics and tournaments and supporting our organization is an important part of our karate experience and education. Please attend for yourself, the organization, and Sensei.

Black Belt Test
The annual USKK Black Belt Test is given in April here in KC. All are welcome to attend. Along with seeing some high-level skills, you’ll also become familiar with the process, and will be more comfortable when it’s your turn to test.
Check out our Upcoming Events page and the Lenexa Karate website to see what’s coming up!


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