On learning…

There’s a phrase that was often used in one of the training groups I used to belong to, shikin haramitsu daikomyo. I’m told that, roughly translated, it means “Every encounter has the potential to guide me towards the enlightenment I seek.” I broke it down a bit further for myself, and read it as “Everyone/everything has something to teach me if I am open-minded and perceptive (see what I did there?) enough to learn.”

I try to always keep that mindset, whether I am in training, in a boring business meeting, at the doctor/dentist, or playing in the yard with my son. Sometimes, the lessons are obvious, sometimes they are subtle. Sometimes I have to really search to find them, but what helps me to persevere in looking is the idea that I could be learning even more if I pay better, more mindful attention. It’s a process that I’m always trying to refine.

It also helps to keep me grounded… for me, it’s always been hard to accept that (as an example) someone/something I don’t like could have anything worthwhile to teach me. But they do! Even if it’s only something as simple as “Wow, I don’t ever want to be like that person.” it’s still a lesson learned.

I’m glad to have joined this group. I feel that I have a lot to learn from all of you. Thank you all for making me welcome and for all of the assistance you’ve given me so far!


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