Wednesdays at the Hombu

I always seem to get something out of my time at the hombu – even when I only do 1 class. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems like it’s always worth my time. Here’s my report from last night:


 1. Focus. Look where I’m punching & blocking. (So simple, yet I wasn’t doing it!)

2. Breathe, not hyperventilate. That one’s gonna take some more reminders and practice.

3. My big accomplishment? I did Kusanku — all the way through — by myself!!! It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t smooth, but I did it. (Yes, I’m proud!)

4. I need to work hard on my side kick / back knuckle combination. It even feels  wrong.

5. If I sit out a self-defense class, Sensei will work the kick sets — and dang it — those are one of my favorite things!! =)




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