Before you join that gym …

Consider joining a martial arts program (traditional karate, jujitsu, etc.)

Every year, thousands of people join gyms around the metro looking to check off that New Year resolution to “get in shape.” Yet every year, they make the same resolution. Why is that?
Most people who join a gym are done with it in 3-4 months, and the other 8-9 months of fees are wasted. Most people who join a martial arts school, organization or club are there year after year.

In a gym setting, we get bored, lose motivation and give up – from the routine, no one there to coach you and hold you accountable, or no goals to attain. And no one really goes to the gym to make friends. At most martial arts schools, you’ll make several friends and often it will have a family atmosphere. And I guarantee that you will get a great workout and use muscles you didn’t know existed. If you think just running on a treadmill or the elliptical is good enough, think again. Ask yourself this, would I rather jump on a stationary platform and watch the clock, waiting for my time to pass and spacing off, or workout with a group who encourage each other, toning my muscles, gaining flexibility and learning something new? You stick around long enough and you could even earn your black belt.

In our Karate Club here at Perceptive Software, as well as my hombu (home school) Lenexa Karate Academy, we encourage each other and we hold each other accountable — and the workouts are always a little different. They’re varied enough to keep you from getting bored, and varied enough that your muscles don’t become accustomed to them.  And at the same time, we’re learning actual self defense while getting in shape. With three different senior black belts as well as the head of the organization, Hanshi Kennedy, teaching throughout the week guarantees the variety of workouts and keeps students engaged longer.

One students puts it this way:
“Karate is more of a workout than you would think. A few kicks here, a punch or two there couldn’t raise your heart rate enough to call it exercise … or could it?? YES it can! This is the first workout that I don’t watch the clock wishing it to be over. Yet I go back to the dressing room sweaty, red-faced and feeling great about what I just did! I joined the Karate Club about 3 months ago and already have moved up one step to a yellow belt. Not only is my balance, flexibility and strength improving, I am learning a very practical skill of self-defense which gives me confidence when I am traveling to large cities across the country. Come check it out ladies — it will make you feel empowered!”

I’m proud of my students and their progress …  but mostly I’m proud of the bond this group has formed. They encourage each other, support each other, teach each other — both inside the dojo and out.

A lot of people don’t understand what karate is, and aren’t sure they want to try it. That’s OK. Come down and take a look at what we do. Talk to us. Check out our blog: You’re welcome in our dojo any time!

If you are serious about keeping that New Year resolution, you should do this: Join the Karate Club at Perceptive Software. Attend yoga classes at Perceptive Software. Take advantage of the workout room. Get on a sensible diet.


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