MYB – Colorado – Make plans to attend!

Sensei atop Pike's Peak

Join Sensei on top of Pike’s Peak, this July 28-31 , as part of our annual karate trip to Colorado for the Midori Yamma Budokai (MYB) clinics in beautiful Colorado Springs. Each year I make the trek to Colorado with a group of karate students, not only because the scenery is beautiful, but opportunity to hang out with a great group of people with common interest – KARATE and FUN. I know there will be a handful of people from the hombu (home dojo) attending – and some you already know, but I’d like to get as many of you to join me as well. We will leave on a Thursday morning and spend thursday/friday sight-seeing, then clinics over the weekend and drive back on Sunday. More details on travel/dates to come.

2 Responses to “MYB – Colorado – Make plans to attend!”
  1. It’s official. I’m in. If anyone is interested in attending an event, this would be a great one. Fun road trip, beautiful scenery (once we are out of Kansas), great weather, marginally OK companionship, and excellent karate! Looking forward to Pike’s Peak this year!

  2. kickassprincess says:

    I’m going! Hope we can top the number of times Mike has to pull over so he doesn’t drive us off the mountain!

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