Why learn karate?

Just some reasons why you should arm yourself with self defense:

1:3 women are victims of sexual assault.

2,000 children go missing every day in the U.S.

Every 7 Minutes a child is being bullied.

93% of child sexual abuse victims KNOW their abuser

Every 90 seconds a woman is being raped in the U.S.

1:12 women are stalked – often not knowing it.

250,000 purse snatchings per year.

Men and boys are also the victims of the crimes of sexual assault, sexual abuse, and rape. In fact, in the U.S., over 10% of all victims are male.

You can take a self defense class here and there, but just how much of that do you retain? Will you be able to do enough to free yourself and get away? Some people will carry a knife, gun, or pepper spray for protection – and that’s great if you train with those defenses and know how to use them. The problem I see is that these weapons can also be taken from you and used against you. What can’t be taken and used against you? Your hands, feet, and mind. Training in the martial arts on a regular basis will not only tone your body, relieve stress, and sharpen your mind and senses, but also give you confidence and the skills to successfully defend your life. By practicing regularly, you stay sharp and develop more than just one or two tools, thus increasing your success for living through an attack.


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