First Things First

Learning to priorities and figuring out what needs to be done first is one of the key fundamental tactics of the superior martial artist. To be successful in life, one must understand what is the most important task they should be working on at this very moment and concentrate on that one task. This is easy to see in self defense where you are about to be attacked by several opponents. Based on proximity, degree of threat based on whether they are armed or not, etc, we immediately target our tactics and implement them in order to survive. If it is 2 against one, we take out the closest one right away thus making it one against one. If one attacker is armed we take him on first therefore neutralizing the most serious threat.

Accomplishing goals in civilian life is all the same. We identify our strengths and weaknesses, all the threats that stand in the way of us reaching our desired goals and then create a strategic written plan on how to overcome these objections or threats. The real key, once this is done, is to identify the most important thing to do and get it done first.

In the martial arts school we learn first to stand and move in our basic stances. Then we learn to execute blocks and strikes while moving in those stances. Soon the student is executing movements that seem very difficult and yet he does so effortlessly. This is all accomplished by the instructor knowing what to teach first and putting that in the lesson plan first.

One of the greatest things one can ever learn is the ability to ask themselves, “What one thing could I be doing right now, that would allow me to reach my goals.” This is one of those key ingredients towards black belt excellence.


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