Dear Sensei Santa…

Dear Sensei Santa,

 All I want for Christmas is…

  • a killer spinning side kick;
  • the proper technique to break a brick;
  • a closed sparring stance;
  • a body that bounces back like a 20 year old’s;
  • …and best of all, a pink gi!

Domo Arigato & Merry Christmas!

Love, Michele

2 Responses to “Dear Sensei Santa…”
  1. Sensei says:

    Dear Hanshi Claus,

    All I want for Christmas is…

    ■to be in shape like I was when I was 20;
    ■my knees and especially my shoulder to be pain free;
    ■more students to share my knowledge with;
    ■large jujitsu classes;
    ■more fun road trips in 2012.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Brian says:

    Dear Sensei Santa,

    I would like the following for Christmas…

    1. To learn the dim mak.
    2. The flexibility of a Chinese acrobat, without actually having to become Chinese or an acrobat (with no offense intended to any Asians or acrobats I may or may not know).
    3. The ability to get less frustrated at myself when I run into the difficulties caused by trying to make my 6’7″ frame do things that were intended for people that were 5’7″ or less. 😀
    4. Three words: Chuck Norris seminar.
    5. More time to train.
    6. A camouflage gi, with or without matching belt.

    Merry Christmas and Banzai,


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