Quote of the Class!

“Sweat it out or pass out!”

Not feeling so whoopee? Go to karate! Have a little cold? Go to karate!! Tired? Go to karate!

Come on now, unless you’re “dying” or have that nasty flu, a little workout will do you good. Go to class. Do what you can. Step aside when you have to. But go to class!

If you’re not up to the workout but don’t need to be in bed, sit on the sidelines and watch. You’ll be surprised what you can learn that way! I watched a LOT of classes after I had surgery. I wasn’t able to work out, but hated the thought of getting behind so I sat on the sidelines for weeks! When I was able to return to class I discovered I had been able to keep up in terms of knowledge, and only had to catch up in my fitness.

The next time you’re not feeling so great but you won’t pass out, go to class and sweat it out! You might be surprised at how good you feel – and you’ll be glad you’re not falling behind!

One Response to “Quote of the Class!”
  1. Sensei says:

    Well done.

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