Hanshi Love!

I went to the hombu yesterday for some Hanshi Love, aka Brown & Black Belt Class.

Hanshi Love classes are just what they sound like — instruction and correction from Hanshi! They are a mixture of new ideas, advanced or different ways to look at things, and another set of eyes to tweak my techniques and make me better. In addition to instruction from Hanshi, it’s a great opportunity to learn alongside a group of advanced students.

We did basics by working partner drills with focus mitts. One of them was a flip kick (front kick to a roundhouse) then a quick foot plant followed by a side kick and a back knuckle. Another was a spinning side kick followed by a spinning side kick to the other side. Those and the other drills we worked would be great additions to a sparring repertoire, so if you weren’t there you might get a little surprise the next time you spar! (Not from me — duh — but from one of the others.)

I probably tested Phil’s patience while I was getting the hang of the drills, poor guy, but then I think I did OK. My brain is sometimes slow to pick up new drills, but the next time I’m exposed to them I think they’ll come along much quicker.

After that we switched partners and I worked set 7, Advanced Street Techniques, with Sensei Aimee. Set 7 involved some giggling, as Sensei Aimee makes a LOT of sound effects while she’s breaking your arm; she says it’s the only way she knows how to do it. I promise, though, we were working!

Each time I go to a Hanshi Love class I leave with something to think about or something I can work on. I left class yesterday feeling like I’d stretched both my brain and my body. I’m always glad I’ve gone — it’s always worth it!


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