The Way is in the Training

The warrior understands what is measured improves.  He also recognizes that in order to reach his true potential, he must practice his arts and tactics as often as possible.  When walking, standing or sitting he is constantly training his mind, body and spirit.  He is constantly reading or listening to that which will make him a better person.  When traveling you will see that good books or tapes are a vital part of his travel kit.

What you don’t use goes away – use it or loose it the saying goes.  Well the mind doesn’t necessarily go, but it fades pretty fast.  The goal is to work smarter not harder and this is accomplished by being creative.  Creativity is a product of self-esteem and knowing that you have many options to choose from.  Having lots of options gives one the sense of control and increases self-esteem.

We use kihon renshu, or basic karate exercises to develop the body for karate techniques, but what techniques do we use to train the mind?  Wu Wei is the first concept one needs to understand in training the mind, which translates as no unnecessary action.  While in the physical world, more power and energy usually means better results, in the mind less is more.  We learn to trust our instincts after they are developed and understand that the mind works best with faith and relaxation.  Through practice, the warrior learns to use the power of his mind to redirect hostile intention and to bring positive things into his life.  A true warrior is always prepared to use his most
powerful weapon – the mind.


~ Terry Bryan, Hanshi

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