Turn Any Way

Friday night was our Shodan test. A lot of feelings and thoughts ran through me as I prepared for the test and as I took the mat.

Anxiety. Expectation. Excitement. Nervousness.

But the thing I felt the most was Support. Standing on the mat and looking around, it didn’t matter which way I faced. Any way I turned, I saw supportive faces! Support from Renshi, Hanshi, and the Senseis who trained us. Support from the organization’s black belts who dressed out to encourage us. Support from friends, co-workers, club members, and our extended dojo family.

There is a certain comfort that comes from looking around and seeing a group of people who are cheering you on. I’m grateful for the support, and appreciative of the time everyone gave to train us and to witness our test.

For those who are working towards their Shodan rank, maybe you’ll find some comfort in knowing that there will be many supporting you when it’s your turn. I know I’m looking forward to being one of them!

One Response to “Turn Any Way”
  1. Matt says:

    Sounds like an excellent experience.

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