Great People Relentlessly Study Their Craft

Mike Tyson. No one studied their craft as much as he did.

When people think of Tyson they think of an animal, but what we fail to see is the student. No one studied boxing like Tyson did. He watched more film than anyone in the history of the sport. He was a student first, a fighter second, and an overall bad-ass third.

Many great athletes, such as Mike Tyson, study film to learn, but how can we perfect our craft?

In my martial arts training I study several masters who all bring something different to my training. I also study film — YouTube, if you will. I see a lot of flaws and some really great stuff, but I don’t try to replicate what they are doing. Instead, I ask if what they are doing is beneficial to my type of training and how the concept behind their teachings can be implemented.

A lot can be said about my career in advertising and marketing as well. You MUST stay on top of what is going on out there in order to keep afloat. But to be a leader, a trend setter, you must not only know what everyone else is doing, but how to do something better that they are not. Now you have something unique to offer.

Find the people in your own craft who inspire you, or people you can learn from – and study them. In life, doing what is convenient and simply going through the motions is no way to achieve greatness. Assuming success is something you want, you have to study your craft, whatever it may be. Learn it inside and out. Live it, Breathe it, Live it. Build a wealth of knowledge. It’ll help you create great, inspiring, and unique work.

One Response to “Great People Relentlessly Study Their Craft”
  1. Colahan says:

    This weekend I will be heading down to a martial arts retreat to study and train with several masters who inspire me. Looking forward to the training, fun and camaraderie.

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