Banzai – Promotions for Helen, Susana, and Kevin!

Congratulations to Helen, Susana and Kevin on their recent promotions! After all the push-ups, crunches, basics, kata, fighting combinations, self defense, monkey lines and board breaking were all over, new belts and certificates were presented.

Helen earned her brown belt!Helen earned her 3rd degree brown belt! Helen is one of our original Colahan’s Martial Arts students, and was the first student to earn a stripe! Life happened and Helen took off more than a year, but she’s back working hard and On Track to Black! Congratulations to Helen for her determination and perserverance. She’s an inspiration to us all!



Susana earned her purple belt!  Susana - Purple Belt!





Kevin earned his yellow belt! Kevin - Yellow Belt!

One Response to “Banzai – Promotions for Helen, Susana, and Kevin!”
  1. Renshi says:

    Congratulations to all! Hard work and determination do have positive results! Great job everyone.

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