Hard Work, Determination, and – Finally – a Black Belt!

This is Sensei Helen with Kyoshi Colahan after our recent Black Belt Test. Look at that smile! Sensei Helen's a Shodan!

Helen and I started at the same time, and we recently tested together at our Annual USKK Black Belt Test. But we tested for different levels; Sensei Helen for her Shodan and Sensei Phil and I for Nidan rank. Helen took some time off to have a baby several years ago, so she wasn’t ready to test for Shodan when we were.

Shortly before our test Kyoshi said he thought I was more excited about Helen earning her Shodan than I was about earning my Nidan, and he was right! (Don’t tell Kyoshi I said he was right – it’ll go to his head.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited I earned my Nidan. But Helen worked 6 years for that rank. SIX YEARS!! I’m so impressed with her determination and perseverance! It’s not easy to come back when you’ve been out a long time, but she did it. She came back, worked hard, and earned her rank!

I’m so proud of her, and so honored to be her friend and train alongside her! (And it’s really fun to call her Sensei.) 

Banzai, Sensei Helen!

One Response to “Hard Work, Determination, and – Finally – a Black Belt!”
  1. Absolutely well deserved! There’s an article by Hanshi Kennedy that sums up what we regard to be the five key principles that help define our school and what we look for in each black belt: https://colahanma.wordpress.com/2012/07/12/principles/ Helen is a great example of someone who understands these principles. I’m very proud of Helen and all our black belts.


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