Welcome to Colahan’s Martial Arts blog!

I’m Kyoshi Mike Colahan, and for more than 5 years, I’ve been sharing my love of karate with a great group of karateka (students) at Perceptive Software.

I’ve been a martial arts student for over 22 years, and teaching for many of those. Even now, I continue to learn and to advance my skills in order to make my students the best they can be.

I believe Martial Arts is for everyone. It’s not about doing the same as everyone else – it’s about doing what you can. Working within your own limits. Setting your own goals. All it requires is a willingness to work hard and to learn. You bring that attitude — I’ll show you the rest!

I’m proud of my students and their progress – from the newest white belts to the Shodan black belts who have been with me since the beginning. But mostly I’m proud of the bond this group has formed. They encourage each other, support each other, teach each other – both inside the dojo and out.

I won’t promise to make you another Chuck Norris or the next Lyoto Machida. What I will promise is if you come to class and work hard, I will help you reach your potential. You will join a group learning serious karate skills in a fun atmosphere, through kick-butt workouts which will increase your fitness level.

A lot of people don’t understand what karate is. A lot of people aren’t sure they want to try it. That’s OK. Come down and take a look at what we do. Talk to me. Talk to the students. Try a class or two for no charge. You’re welcome in our dojo any time!

Thanks for taking a look around! If you’ve got questions or want to sign up, give me a call or find me on the dodgeball court. I’m the big guy in the gi.

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